Our piece de resistance and pride of joy is our butchery counter. Trained staff are available to talk you through and prepare exactly what you’re looking for.  


Our beef is reared right here in Shropshire from age old farming stock.  We use Hereford beef crossed mainly with a continental as this, we have found, produces that lovely fat which will add the flavour and good muscle conformation to provide the perfect meat.  All of our beef is aged for 28 days to guarantee tenderness and texture.


Our lamb is also reared in Shropshire; with all of our rolling hills it would be criminal not to!

We know that what you’re looking for when choosing lamb is plenty of eye meat; to make sure that you get it, we choose good sized lambs so that the loin chops and racks of lamb have exactly what you’re looking for.


Pork – our pork is all free-range – we wouldn’t offer you anything else because we have learnt that the flavour and quality of free range pork is truly unbeatable.

Succulent, full of flavour and makes you fall back in love with pork.


Our superb free range chickens are slow reared to ensure that you are given both flavour and texture; then there’s the barn reared grain fed chickens which have won the ‘great taste award’ for the last 5 years – you can’t go wrong with either of these!


Who doesn’t love talking about the favourite bird of the festive season?  Our turkeys are reared in Bridgnorth at Beamans farm; they are the best turkeys around as confirmed by the National Award that they win every year.  The turkey book opens in October so feel free to have a chat with us about what you’re looking for when you’re next in the shop.