Our Delicatessen, or Deli as we will refer to it on this page, is an area of the shop we were very eager to develop. In the traditional sense of the word our deli is where we sell cooked meats, ready meals and other local and continental delicacies.

From honey roast ham to pies and exquisite local cheeses, we have worked hard to not only offer the best of Shropshire but Britain and Europe. Cooked meats can be freshly sliced to just the right amount and we are more than happy to help you try something new.

We are always looking for the new produce to stock in our Deli and the growing list of produce is testament to the brilliant work local artisan producers are doing. Regularly we will get a product that will only be available for a short time, so make sure you look out for these rare gems.

Freshly Baked

Our selection of British classics such as sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pies of all types and pasties are a nod to our heritage and what we have always enjoyed providing in our traditional butchers. We take pride in our traditions and want to make sure you get the very best version of them.

Flaky pastry for sausage rolls, quality steak fillings for the pies. These are always popular options with our regular customers.

All of our Deli produce can be made available as part of our catering service, if you would like to find out more please visit our contact page and we can answer any enquiries.