Hot Food

Our hot food section of the Shrewsbury butcher’s and deli is an area where you can relax and grab a coffee or freshly prepared hot baguette for your lunch. We offer a seating area to enjoy your food or we can deliver to offices in the local area.

We try to keep our menu fresh while sticking with the old favourites. Where would we be without a butcher’s steak sandwich or fresh pork bap? We offer vegetarian options in our hot food area and are more than happy to accommodate any dietary requirement. Please ask our staff if you need to know more about ingredients in certain products.


The bread for our sandwiches is freshly baked and delivered from our local supplier. The meat is selected from the butcher’s counter and vegetables from those available for sale in the shop.

With an ever expanding range and attention to quality we hope to continue to grow our hot food section. Whether you would like coffee and a cake or bacon, sausage and egg. We are here for breakfast and lunches 6 days a week.